Calgary Transit ReportsĀ at SPC on Transportation and Transit

On Wednesday, December 17, 2014, theĀ Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Transportation and Transit approved the following three reports from Calgary Transit:

  • an update on the Green Line work plan, including a response to Council direction to shorten the timelines to deliver the Green Line – Southeast Transitway;
  • the RouteAhead annual update, including a summary of large projects that were delivered to Calgarians this year; and
  • the recommendations of the North Central LRT route planning study, including approval of the route on Centre Street North.

These reports will be forwarded to a meeting of City Council in January 2015. The committee asked the North Central LRT project team to return in February 2015, to discuss details of the downtown routing for the future LRT.

The reports are available to the public on City Clerks’ website.


You can view the RouteAhead document here:

RouteAhead: A Strategic Plan for Transit in Calgary – first half

RouteAhead: A Strategic Plan for Transit in Calgary – second half


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