Update: What will Calgary Transit look like in 30 years?

We’re nearing the end of the RouteAhead project and are currently drafting the plan and reports that will be presented to City Council through the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit on December 12, 2012.  At this point, we’d like to share what we’ve heard during public engagement and what’s in the plan.

We kicked off public engagement in May 2012.  We met with over 4,000 Calgarians face-to-face with our engagement bus, at several community events and meetings with key stakeholders.  We also received many comments through Twitter and our website, including over 1,000 submissions to our online budget allocation tool, where you had the opportunity to prioritize future improvements and choose how you would fund them.  From this engagement and information gathering, we developed several exhibits that illustrate what we heard.

The draft plan includes a new vision for the customer experience, a future network and service delivery strategy, and a plan to find the funding to support it all.

The new vision for how customers will experience Calgary Transit in 30 years includes all steps of the transit journey, from understanding the system, to accessing the stop/station, waiting, paying, riding and connecting to the next bus or train.

The new plan for service delivery within Calgary includes a new rapid transit plan with infrastructure priorities that will create a faster, easier way to travel by transit in Calgary.

There are other things that need to happen in order for the 30-year plan to be successful.  These are highlighted in our “factors for success” white papers (Demonstrating the Benefits of Public Transit, Land Use, Transit Priority, Taking Care of What We Own and Transit Funding).

We’ll post the full report to Council on our website in December just prior to the December 12 meeting.  Thank you for your interest in the future of Calgary Transit!

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