Engaging Calgarians

Over the coming months, the RouteAhead team will be on the streets to talk to you about your vision for Calgary Transit over the next few years.  This will help us create a long-term plan that’s going to work for all Calgarians.

Why not just write the plan? Why spend time talking with people?

We believe that by talking with citizens we’ll be able to make better business decisions. You, as a customer of Calgary Transit are an expert on your transit experience; and as a citizen of Calgary, you understand the importance of having an efficient transit system in your communities.  Your input will be used to the maximum extent possible when creating our long-term strategic plan. We will also build on what we heard through other projects you may remember – ImagineCalgary, PlanIt, OurCity OurBudget OurFuture and the Calgary Transportation Plan.

Who will we talk to?

People just like you – transit customers, transit enthusiasts, transit watchers and those self-proclaimed transit geeks! We’ll also be talking with groups that have an interest in transit such as schools, businesses, developers, major event organizations and more. Finally, we’ll also be talking with City staff to gain insight into their view of the future of transit.

How you can have your say

There will be many opportunities to provide your input and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say. We will be conducting our engagement in three phases. In the first phase, we’ll be looking for big ideas and brainstorming. In phase two we’ll ask you to set priorities for transit. Then, in phase three, we plan to confirm what we heard during the first two phases so we can use the input when we begin writing the strategic plan.

Updates on how you can get involved will be posted on this site, our Twitter feed (@RouteAhead) and The City of Calgary website.


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  • Angel

    im sure a lot would take the transit if you can make travel times faster by focusing on frequent bus schedule and routes accessible to residents. if we had the choice, transit is the best option to save…