The Calgary Transportation Plan

What it means to you

If you’re a city planner you have probably read the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP).  If not, this blog post will attempt to explain it and how it will shape our city.

The CTP deals with the future of transportation in Calgary over the next 60 years. It looks at where we are today and where we want to be. It promotes environmentally friendly and healthy options such as walking, cycling and public transit while considering the need to have personal cars, emergency vehicles and big trucks get around easily.

As it outlines the future of transit in Calgary, the CTP is important to RouteAhead. It is also very important to many other people. Developers use it when planning to build:

  • Residential areas such as houses and condos
  • Business centres
  • Parks
  • Recreational facilities

They also use it when they are working on projects close to LRT stations and tracks.

Although 60 years sounds like a long time, a long-term plan is important because:

  • It ensures we stay on track
  • It gives us something to look to when creating shorter-term plans

To meet the goals set out in the CTP, there are additional plans in place for the next three years all the way to the next 30 years.

Hand-in-hand with the CTP is another plan called the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). On Thursday we’ll take a closer look at that and then we’ll consider what it will take to meet these plans.

If you were writing a plan for transportation in the future, what would be your key points?


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